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The Pirate Cove is a Community Homepage for all Fans of Pirate Games and Fans of our Pirate Projekts.
In our main Porjekt we work togather with the Forum because they
have the knowhow aboute the Modding Work and the have create POTC: New... Read more...
Skull & Bones is a Pirate Multiplayer Game from Ubisoft.

At their E3 press conference earlier today, Ubisoft announced a new pirate game titled Skull and Bones. The game is being developed by Ubisoft...
Hello Guys!

The Pirate Cove Team makes a Info Break, because we working hard on the "New Pirate Age" Update,
there are some hard works to doe. When we are finish the we are back in our Forum!

So Cu you soon!
The Pirateking
Pirates of the Caribbean: New Horizons - Update "The New Pirate Age"

We are working on new Upadte for Pirates of the Caribbean: New Horizons Mod.
In this Update there will be the new Storyline... Read More...