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The Pirate Cove

Hello Pirate Fans!
We have a for our Pirate Gameing Community also a Discord Chat where you can use to
Chat and for MP Gaming.

Here is the Link to the our Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/8w3YXGY

CU you there

The Pirate king
For friends of buccaneers and fur seals, not only "Sea of Thieves" is waiting in the future, but also Ubisoft's Skull & Bones. Creative Director Justin Farren has commented on his story - and what he has to say sounds pretty interesting.

It is said that there is indeed a single-player campaign, but this is not through scripted from beginning to end. Rather, they want to offer us something that you can play again and again, which will not dust after the first playthrough on the shelf.... Read more!...
Hello Pirat Fans and People!

I'll let you know about the latest work status and history of the update project!

So, what happened?
1.) Change the project story!
This means that I am completely gone from the manga,
so there will be no manga interface images in the game.

2.) The work where made and still pending.
By going away from the manga, new models have to be found
become. What's up in the next few days.
It's also about creating and testing...
After the pirate hunter Lago was killed strange things happened in the Caribbean.
Pirates and sailors avoided certain islands, often also pirates, sailors and told of ships that suddenly exchange.
On Tortuga in the tavern one tells of a mysterious book and on Tortuga a Shamanin name Lunja arrived.
Madam Lunja, as she is called, has a great deal of knowledge about voodoo and Black magic. Many people are...
After the death of pirate King Cold Rogers, it became very rough on the Caribbean Sea.
Old alliances withdrew, new brotherhoods were founded.
Four of the most powerful pirates joined together to form the "New Pirate Brotherhood".
But not only did they have the problem of being uneasy on the Caribbean Sea, but the danger was that of the pirate brotherhoods
Take advantage of the turbulence on the sea... Read more......