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Hello Pirate Gamer!

To make our update project "New Pirate Age" really good.
Would it be good if we had the following employees for the following work?
Although I know something better in "Storm Coding", some mistakes can be solved, but there is project work that I can not do.
It would be good to have reliable project helpers.

Here are the project works:
* Assistants who are well versed in Storm Engine Modeling, for:
+ create new...
The Pirate Cove is a Community Homepage for all Fans of Pirate Games and Fans of our Pirate Projekts.
In our main Porjekt we work togather with the http://www.piratesahoy.net/forums/ Forum because they
have the knowhow aboute the Modding Work and the have create POTC: New Horizion Mod Projekt, we
work only on the Update Work. We have two Pirate Projekts that a worh.

* Skull & Bones Game - "Fall 2018"

* POTC: New Horizion - Update "New Pirate Age"

* Might &...