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Pirates of the Caribbean: New Horizons

New Pirate Age - Update


What happened until now!

After the death of pirate King Cold Rogers, it became very rough on the Caribbean Sea.
Old alliances withdrew, new brotherhoods were founded.
Four of the most powerful pirates joined together to form the "New Pirate Brotherhood".
But not only did they have the problem of being uneasy on the Caribbean Sea, but the danger...
New Pirate Age - Update Info News

Hello Guys and Pirates!
Now i can tell you some Work News from the New Pirate Age - Update Projekt!
You can now read what is in Work Prozess and what will comes later.
First have to thanks to Grey Roger from the Projekt Partner Homepage: Pirates Ahoy! Community Forum , he helps me with Code works.

So let me talk about the Work News:
1.) What is in Work Prozess:...
The "New Pirate Age" update project is an "Obenworld" storyline project
where you can play with any character in the game. The project is about the new Piratenkönig.
Choose your pirate character to put your crew together and become the most powerful Pirate King of the Caribbean Sea.

The Story of the New Pirate Age
After the pirate king "Cold Roger" was executed...